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Step by Step

Our Pool Process...Step-By-Step


   Here’s what you can expect while every custom built pool is different, the design and building process generally remains the same.


   From your initial consultation, to design, construction, and project management, Wonderful Pools & Spas  is completely committed to making your pool building experience an easy one.     


 Step One: One of our expert designers will visit you at your home. We’ll gather information about what you want to accomplish. What do you want the space to look like? How will the pool be used? Then we’ll measure the yard, consider the location for sunlight and usability, and make sure that you understand all of the available options. In this initial consultation, we listen carefully so that we can seamlessly incorporate your dreams and your vision into an elegant and functional backyard oasis.

 Step two: Within one weeks, your custom design will be completed and ready for review. You’ll also be able to discuss and decide on further options, details, and features.

 Step three: Once you decide to move forward, we can immediately begin to schedule the building phase of your new pool. As we help you through the permitting process, our representatives will schedule a “pre-construction meeting” with you so that you know exactly what to expect over the next few months. We can do this meeting in your house or our office. Wherever is most convenient and comfortable for you.

 Step four: We will begin to engineer your custom pool with meticulous detail.  We will start by grading and excavating, or digging out the site. We’ll also perform any necessary demolition during this phase. After the site has been excavated, we will install the reinforcing steel, or rebar. Then all of the plumbing and electrical work will be completed before the pool goes through an initial inspection.

 Step five: Your pool will be sprayed with a concrete-like substance known as gummite. This usually takes between one and two weeks to cure, or dry. After the gummite has cured, we will install the coping and tile.

 Step six: We will complete all of the masonry work. If you have chosen to include features like custom walls, rock features, waterfalls, during this phase of construction.

 Step seven: The deck of your pool will be installed. It usually takes one week to prepare the deck and to install the decking. Then your pool will go through another inspection. Any options such as gates, fences, or alarms will also be installed here.


 Step eight: Finally, your pool will be plastered or instillation of liner takes place here if. This is one of the last phases of construction. It will usually only take one day to plaster your pool, or one day to intall the liner. 

 Step nine: Fill your new pool with water! When the plaster phase or liner phase is complete, your pool will finally be ready to be filled with water. Now it's time to call your friends and family so you can have a pool party to celebrate!

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